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Center for Disability and Elder Law

The Center for Disability and Elder Law (CDEL) was founded to provide legal services to low-income residents of Cook County, Ill., who are either elderly or who have permanent disabilities. Studies report that more than 80 percent of all low income individuals are unable to obtain legal representation, and that all of those who live in poverty will experience at least one legal problem each year.

Dedicated volunteers from some of the largest law firms in Chicago, and from firms and corporations located throughout Cook County, as well as paralegals, provide over 90 percent of the all of the legal services CDEL delivers, pro bono, to their clients. Because CDEL staff screens and creates client files, coordinates the initiatives, and provides training and support to its volunteers, they are able to focus their valuable time on direct provision of legal services.

On May 7, 2011, an enthusiastic crowd gathered to raise funds for the Center on Disability and Elder Law at its Derby Days Fundraiser which was underwritten by Williams Montgomery & John. Associate Anthony J. O'Neill (right) currently serves as the President of CDEL's Young Professionals Board. Michael T. Roth (left) is Executive Director of CDEL.