C. Barry Montgomery and Peter C. John Contribute Chapters to Book on Cross-Examination

Posted: 09/24/2008 | Share This Post

Fall 2008

C. Barry Montgomery and Peter C. John, named partners in the firm, recently contributed two chapters to a book on the art of cross-examination that has been published by the Law Bulletin Publishing Company. The book, entitled Your Witness, contains lessons on cross-examination from fifty of the leading members of the Chicago trial bar.

According to the introduction, the stories contained in this book “concern the highest form of the trial lawyer’s art…Cross-examination is the most difficult thing a lawyer does in the courtroom. Because even though it may be preceded by extraordinary preparation, it is not susceptible to being scripted. It is a live exchange between two human beings with opposing interests occurring before people who will decide who is right and who is wrong…It is the human element—the ability to sense where a person is going, or when enough is enough—that distinguishes great cross-examiners. Timing, nuance, perception—all of these result from a combination of experience and talent and help form the trial lawyer’s art.”

The book has received outstanding critical acclaim since its publication earlier this year. United States Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens had the following to say about Your Witness: “Having been in a courtroom with many of the contributors to Your Witness, I can assure readers that it would be wise to pay careful attention to what they have to say.”

The firm is justifiably proud of the fact that Montgomery and John, two recognized masters in the art of cross-examination, were asked to contribute to such an important work on the subject. Montgomery’s chapter is entitled “Cross-Examination of the Catastrophically Injured Plaintiff.”  John’s chapter is entitled “Cross-Examination and Jury Ego.”