Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan Speaks at Pope & John Lecture Series on Professionalism

September 26, 2011

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llinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was the featured speaker at the Pope & John Lecture Series on Professionalism which was co-hosted by Williams Montgomery & John Partner Peter C. John.

Each year the Pope & John Lecture on Professionalism at Northwestern Law School focuses on the many dimensions of a lawyer's professional responsibility, including legal ethics, public service, professional civility, pro bono representation, and standards of conduct.  The series is part of the Law School's Program on Advocacy and Professionalism directed by 
Professor Steven Lubet.  This
year's featured speaker was
Attorney General Lisa Madigan
who delivered the lecture, "Legal Issues Facing State Attorneys General."  The event held on Monday, September 26 was free and open to the public.

Madigan spoke on legal issues concerning the mortgage and foreclosure crisis in Illinois and how it began and how to obtain relief for homeowners in Illinois.  Partner Peter C. John, Co-Chair of the Firm's Litigation Practice, and his former law partner, Michael A. Pope, established the lecture series in 1991.  The inaugural lecture was given in 1992 by Hon. Harry A. Blackmun, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  Through the years some of the most prominent law professors, judges and attorneys in the country have participated in this annual event.  Information regarding past lectures may be found on the Northwestern Law School's website

Madigan became the first woman elected to serve as the Illinois attorney general in 2002 and is one of only a handful of female attorneys general in the country.  Last year, she was elected to her third term as attorney general and now is the senior-most female attorney general in the country.