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Antitrust Law Overview: What Every Successful Business Needs to Know

Instructor: David L. Applegate

Antitrust law did not die in the 1970s or with the breakup of the telephone company in the 1980s. Although it has taken a backseat to patent law protection over the past quarter century, antitrust enforcement — designed to help ensure free and honest competition in the business marketplace — remains alive and well. What can and cannot honest business people do to expand their markets? When and under what circumstances can they work with competitors in joint ventures? What businesses can they acquire without running the risk of triggering antitrust scrutiny? These and other practical questions are covered in this one-hour program using real-world examples — not simply a review of case law. This course is suitable for non-lawyers, division managers, company officers and others whose career plans and goals depend on expanding business growth while minimizing legal risk.

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